1. Our Favorite Cars:

    Too many to name, but the first-generation Lincoln Zephyr, Audi Ur-Quattro, Ariel Atom, Lamborghini Miura, and Chevy C4 ZR-1 come to mind.  


  2. What We Hope to Do:

    We were inspired by some old, hokey car shows, such as American Muscle Car and Great Cars (PBS).  We want to produce a high-quality (4K), visually stunning (think Art of Flight), and thoroughly modern equivalent of those shows focusing on relatively recent entries.  There has yet to be such a show—we want to create it.


  3. What We’ve Been Up to:

    We recently formed our company, 4 Pistons Media, LLC, and slowly expanded our efforts.  Besides all that, we’ve been working…a lot.  We will have our company website up soon.


  4. Why We Started Electric Federal:

    Like most folks, we work dull and aimless jobs.  (So much for all those years in college…)  We wanted an outlet to show what we could really do, and that outlet was YouTube.  Even though 99.9% of YouTube’s content is cat videos (great), video game walkthroughs (okay), rants (meh), and PewDiePie (no comment), it remains an excellent outlet to showcase one’s creativity.  That’s what we wanted to do.


  5. Who We Are:

    We are a Los Angeles group made up of four auto enthusiasts/filmmakers who enjoy chronicling the passion and performance of automobiles from all eras and places. All of our YouTube content is our own, done by us and without help from the big players—including Google.

    (That’s more than can be said for those other auto channels.)